Friday, 19 February 2010

No Hard Hats Needed- Lesson Three


The key thing learnt from this lesson was the importance of the hips and how it affects the swing. Perhaps a hula hoop is the way forward. Moving on...

Using the coach's technology to monitor the swing, when recorded and replayed it was clear the head movement was still a problem. It had not gone away. The problem was still real. However to help combat this problem, coach gave me a good drill, it was/is hoped that this movement will remove the 'coil'/head movement from my golf swing. You can see the bad movement on the video which was uploaded to Hopefully in future videos you will see an improvement in the swing action and it will look less mechanical.

Now the new drill. The 'staggered swing' drill made an instant impact. Staggering the swing and lifting the club directly, I kept the head still but rotated the hips, which resulted in improvement. I had to imagine a pane of glass, i.e. the club the club had to be lifted in such away the club did not break the glass but instead passed beneath.

Apart from the importance of hip movement in the golf swing, the relevance of the grip really hit home. This was responsible for some slices to the left and to the right. It was vital to have the correct grip.

Determined to improve I stayed for an hour afterwards to hammer home the technique, using a bucket of balls. Definitely have the bug…

Key Elements Learnt from Lesson:
-Imagine a pain of glass, the club must not break the angle.
-Stagger your swing to remove the coil movement.
-Rotate the hips 90 degrees and fully twist, but make sure the upper torso is looking straight ahead.
-Keep your eye on the ball and keep the head still whilst the above movement is taking place.
-Follow through as you hit the ball.

Next Blog entry:
The next blog entry will take a look at an outing at a National Golf Course in the UK. Did the above teachings work? We will soon see.

If you have not already seen the video, do take a look at the 'Say Cheese' blog entry and see if it gets the thumbs up. Leave a comment or two.

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